Tater Tots Wrapped in Bacon (TOINK Shots)


Tater Tots wrapped in bacon to form a shot glass topped with cheese. YUM!








I was playing with appetizers today and this came out as my favorite. I also tried Pig Candy and Scotch Eggs (with Chorizo).

I think I’ll call these TOINK Shots. They are super easy to make.



Frozen Tater Tots (thawed 10 seconds in the microwave to allow a toothpick to pierce them)

Thick cut bacon, cut in 1/2 or 1/3 slices.

Shredded cheddar or your favorite cheese

Your favorite rub – I used Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub Continue reading


MOINK Balls (Updated 9/5/2015)


A MOINK ball is a beef meatball wrapped in bacon (MOO + OINK = MOINK) sprinkled with BBQ rub, smoked outdoors and glazed with BBQ sauce. THEY ARE DELICIOUS!

MOINK Balls 4

In the past, MOINK Balls were only made with frozen, store bought all beef meatballs. Due to the lack of availability of store bought ALL BEEF meatballs in some areas, HOMEMADE meatballs are now acceptable, provided the meatballs are made ONLY with BEEF. (Do you get the idea that MOINK Balls are made with beef meatballs?)

Here is a recipe for “Make Ahead Frozen Meatballs” by Kristen Michaelis. Continue reading

Reverse Seared Ribeyes


Ribeye 2If you Google it, there are plenty of tips on how to reverse sear a steak. The videos and suggestions are typically spot on, so mine just adds to the mix.  I got a 4 pack of really nice 1.5 inch thick ribeyes from Sam’s Club.  I froze two and we had two for dinner tonight.

I got the grill stabilized at 250 degrees for an indirect cook – plate setter legs up with my standard grate (because I don’t have a cast iron grate.)  As the grill was heating up, I liberally covered all sides of both steaks with Dizzy Pig’s Cow Lick rub.  Terrific stuff!  I haven’t found a Dizzy Pig Rub that I haven’t liked. Continue reading

Cedar Planked Salmon


Cedar Planked Salmon

As a relatively new Big Green Egghead, I have stayed in my comfort zone – brisket, steaks and hamburgers. Now that I am getting the hang of things, I am venturing out into other areas. This was my first try at cedar planked salmon with Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub. First, I have to give credit to Jason Griffin at Griffin’s Grub for the recipe on his blog.

Here’s how it played out…

I bought a couple of pieces of Salmon – about a pound total. I rinsed the filets and patted them dry with a paper towel. I soaked a cedar grilling plank in my kitchen sink. Since wood floats, I put a mixing bowl of water on the plank to submerge it. The total soak time was about an hour. I recommend at least 30 minutes of soaking. This will keep the plank from catching on fire. Continue reading