Mr. Griffin’s Meatloaf


meatloaf - plated
Another shout-out to Griffin’s Grub for another awesome recipe.┬áMr. Griffin calls this 1770 House Meatloaf. He made some changes that were terrific. Since this has morphed into his own creation, I think it is fitting to call this “Mr. Griffin’s Meatloaf.” In full disclosure, I tweaked a little from his original recipe, but it was very minor, mainly dealing with availability of onions and roasted garlic.

This is a different type of meatloaf. First, it is smoked on your Big Green Egg and not baked in your oven. There is no ketchup glaze on top. There is no thick brown gravy served with it. Instead, a buttered herb gravy is spooned on top. Finely ground Panko is used as a binding agent. Fresh herbs give it a wonderful and unique flavor. Continue reading